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48 H Economy

Economy initiated and is participating in the show 48 H at The Swedish Museum of Architecture. Opening on February 8 (2011) at Skeppsholmen, Stockholm.

“Post-revolutionary freedom, based on the full profit of an automated production apparatus for the whole of humanity, will allow a creative potential to develop which will defy comparison with any previous culture. The mass-culture of an era of leisure will be of a completely new type, compared with which earlier class-structured cultures will seem insignificant.”

Constant Nieuwenhuys, Lecture at the 23rd Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art, 1971

“This is my chance to make it all happen, in the one city, where they say dreams come true.”

Lauren Conrad, The Hills Season 1: Episode 1, 2006

Parallel with the Stockholm Furniture Fair the Museum of Architecture is organizing some days of intense reflection about the museum’s activities and development. Some fifty professionals, critics, curators and historians in the fields of architecture, design and craft arts will be invited to participate in a 48-hour workshop and forum for surveying and discussing the role of the Museum of Architecture as an institution and meeting place: a museum about a museum in a museum.

Economy participates by setting up an action-collage-knowledge machine to expand the understanding of some aspects of the contemporary city. With a starting point in the new neighbourhoods around Stockholm we venture into a journey looking for the future of cities and the forming of its inhabitants, the new middle-class proletariat. A week about modernism, architecture, speculation, post history, zombies, hope and why The Hills is a prophesy of a Marxist Utopia.