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Canon in D - This one is for you.

Into the Black - Once you're gone, you can never come back.

Cry Baby - 60 minutes of Stakker Humanoid's 1989 Acid House Classic. Best used while in CAD-mode.


California Über Alles Extended

Sexy Sexy Back - Double Up on the Sexy.

Double Halo Originally made for KAFAK within the project Temporary National Theatre 2009-10

Extended Love

Mix from DJ-set back in 2003 - Electro-punk-mexican-bubble-pop-electric-stockholm-suicide-flash

Back to the Back to the Future - Another time warp. Back to 2003

Slowmotion Dolphins - The sound of long, heavy, perfectly gray bodies rolling away into the unknown.

The Death of Jane Jacobs - Back to the International Year of Deserts and Desertification (2006)

Xanadu - DJ-set from the year when the home of the future was demolished.