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At Work With

At Work With

- I hear they’re going to tear you down and put up an office building where you’re standing.

Groucho Marx

From the obsessive efficiency of Taylorism, over the concept of Bürolandschaft, the cubicles of the Action Office to the Virtual Office by Frank Gehry and beyond, office spaces continue to frame and influence the work we produce. In a time when architecture to an increasing extent is consumed though images, architecture as a product is being pushed to the forefront, obscuring the underlying structures for the production of architecture. At the same time architecture today is an expanding field, unfolding through a multitude of trajectories where traditional boundaries are being re-negotiated and challenged. With this project we are interested in focusing on the practise of architecture, both as activity and as organisation of space.

“At Work With”, produced in collaboration between Economy and Testbedstudio, creates an intensive office environment and a residency program, in which visitors can follow an accumulative work process, a changing series of activities or just kick back at the Nordic Pavilion during this year’s Architecture Biennale in Venice. The project work as an extension and a plug-in for the main exhibition “Stay in Touch”, which display eighteen Nordic projects responding to the social dimensions and values of resilient and dynamic architecture.

“At Work With” takes form as an office consisting of a number of stations that potentiate different situations, practices, projects, displays, debates, whims, meetings, coincidences, projections, provocations, interactions, broadcasts, objects, dreams and more. Each week a young and upcoming architectural practise from Finland, Sweden and Norway are invited to work as hosts and caretakers of the Nordic Pavilion. Each group will present their own take on architecture, depending on how the settings are utilised, each group will develop its own unique combination of space and events. The accumulation of work will be possible to follow on-site and online as it unfolds.

The underlying idea for “At Work With” is to exhibit architecture as practice and process rather than as representation and result. We invite all visitors to the Architecture Biennale 2010 to come, visit and interact with a variety of Nordic offices and architecture related practices. The project is supported by IASPIS