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Jess as Eiffel Tower

Casual Fridays

Economy was invited by raumlaborberlin to give a workshop in their on-going project The Knot, Bucharest 13 - 17 October (2010)

There is something with how mascots transform space, how becoming a thing shifts our notion of space. How masquerades, carnivals and streetwear transforms public space. A hands-on investigation about 1920's Eccentrism, Black Mountain College, Picasso, Le Corbusier and Josephine Baker. A workshop about becoming a building and about tracing the territory when costume becomes architecture. Casual Friday is a workshop that dresses up - addressing concepts of costumes situated between architecture and performance. Five days about production of "things" and situations - projection and containment. From underwear to public space - a series of site specific productions laid out as grid where street and wear is perpendicular to lo-fi cardboard, blow dryer, glue gun fashion. Economy (Tor Lindstrand) will remix architecture with sweatshop together with all participants to create a compilation celebrating haute couture, striptease, down dressing and facades.