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Crystal Cup: Towards an Institution

Crystal Cup

Workshop and presentation for Theatre der Welt at Raumlabor's Hotel Shabby Shabby, Mannheim in May 2014

This workshop is about constructing opportunities to speak about the future of our institutions and the potential production of new ones. The workshop will take form as a large-scale collective model – here understood as the materialization of something to come. This model, created by the participants, will then become a stage for remote viewing into the future of institutions.

There are tools, and there are platforms. /…/ A tool holds no secrets; a platform holds many. You use a tool; a platform uses you.

So what we are constructing together here in Mannheim is not only a new institution but also tools to build holes into the future. Each one of you is going to present a four-minute long report from the future. You talk from a time at the end of your life; you look back and describe the history of how the institutions have come to change. In what way have they become different and what shifts in society made that change possible. You can be as personal or un-personal as you want. The future is as realistic or probable as we like it to be. The future is beyond moral categories as good or bad. There are so many factors and conditions, all embedded in a dynamic social context, that no two futures are alike.

"Alles wird aus Kunst. Unendliche Freiheit auf der großen Bühne."