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Haningeskolan (The Haninge School)

Haningeskolan is a project by the Design Process Studio, KTH School of Architecture taking place in Haninge between January 28 and May 17 2013.


Once upon a time architects aim was to intervene – to plan and design the world according to human needs – today architects are content with simply describing the world, re-acting to market forces instead of taking action for the construction of a better society.

During the spring semester of 2013 students from the Design Process Studio have been working in and with Haninge, a municipality some thirty minutes south of Stockholm. We were offered space to work at the youth centre Lakeside and Haninge Art Centre. Here we have set up workshops, reviews, lectures and seminars trying to identify possible projects, both actual interventions in the public realm as well as theoretical and design based work focusing on site- specific possibilities for Haninge. The project Haningeskolan also works as a plug-in within the art project “Kanske en lekplats i mitten.” at the Haninge Art Centre by artists Eva Arnqvist and Johanna Gustafsson Fürst. Here the School of Architecture could be seen as an exhibited art object, all tutorials, lectures and studio work take place in the exhibition open to a general audience. At the same time we are producing an exhibition on architecture, planning and the social dimension of contemporary society. Every Friday we turn a passage between a public square and a shopping mall into an architectural hackspace were we test spatial and programmatic reconfigurations of public space under the headlines Architecture, Music, Sport.

We are concerned with creating a more nuanced and down to earth view on what architectural vision, construction and building could be. Not by being modest but instead by speculating on 4000-year futures, the rise of the sport cabins, a suprematist view on architecture, vague space, illegal city-plans, shipwreck methodologies, constructed islands, publishing, lakeside bath cabin, a communal brewery, the architecture of reserves and extreme localism.

Participants: Felix Butler, Gusten Hemström, Freja Hillert, Ali Kamoun, Tove Mattson, Jacob Persson, Stella Reijo, Iida Maria Räsänen, Mikaela Samuelsson, Jenny Schinkler, Mikael Slotte, Jonas Sundberg, Camille Verrando, Rasmus Westman, Fredrik Widigs, Maria Öhman, Anna Harlin, Lars Ringbom, Elin Stensils, Lukas Johnell, Hannes Lekman, Anna Grundmark, Moa Wintzell, Magnus Josefsson, Marcus Göhle, Casper Norden, Torulf Jörnholm, Anna-vera Arvidsson, Agnes Paljak, Axel Jogefalk, Leo Demirel, Hannah Östergren, Julia Thunholm Tor Lindstrand, Erik Wingquist, Eva Arnkvist, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Anna Högberg, Per Hasselberg, Stealth, Studio Basar, Svensk Standard, Weronica Ronnefalk, Daniel Johansson, Jordbro kulturhus, Lakeside and Haninge Art Centre and more.