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Exhibition Northern Botkyrka at Arkdes

Northern Botkyrka (Bo. Nu. Då.)

Exhibition of work done in Studio 2 KTH School of Architecture presented as part of the exhibition Bo. Nu. Då. (Stay. Now. Then.) at Arkdes, April 11 2016 - January 14 2017

In 2013 Studio 2 at KTH School of Architecture started a project and collaboration with Botkyrka konsthall and Botkyrka municipality. We have been working with projects in Northern Botkyrka, twenty-five minutes south of the center of Stockholm.

No other areas are surrounded with so much prejudice, myths, and fantasies as the high-rise neighborhoods from the Million Programme era. Most of these perceptions come from media and politically motivated statements and are often sensational – focusing on violence, despair and the failures of society. Images such as these are as old as the Million Programme and they have come to influence how we perceive and understand these areas. As architects, we have a certain responsibility for the environments we work in. A design process is not merely about finding a method to create an object, but it is about engaging in a complex and contradictory field of relations. These relationships should inform our understanding of the built environment. We need to go from making things to fixing things.

Today architects generally lack a deeper knowledge about the Million Programme, partly since hardly any new projects have been realized in these areas over the last fifty years. Because these neighborhoods are relatively poor and architects to a large extent come from a privileged background, few architects in Sweden have any lived experiences of neighborhoods like Northern Botkyrka. Today this represents a big challenge as these neighborhood face the need for renovation and the pressure of densification.

For this exhibition all participants — students, teachers and invited guests — have worked together in order to depict today's everyday environment in Northern Botkyrka. With a starting point in the last three years of student projects, we have put together material that reflects and comments in what ways architecture and city planning has come to influence the lives of the population in Northern Botkyrka. Today around forty-thousand people live in the neighborhoods of Fittja Alby, Hallunda and Norsborg, It goes without saying that it is an impossible task to represent all these realities, but nevertheless, the underlying ambition has been to link traditional modes of architecture representation with the everyday life in Northern Botkyrka.

Participants in the project, students, teacher and invited guests:

Adam Ulveson, Alex Golitsyn, Alexia Staaf, Ali Kamoun, Alvaro Hoyuelos Blanco, Anna Cumberland, Arram Eckerbom, Aron Heinemann, Astrid Linner, Beatriz Bandeira, Bertta Röning, Baio Li, Bjo?rn Liljeqvist, Catherine Horwill, Charlotte Vibegaard, Clara Schubert, Elin Friberg, Elsa Jannborg, Elsa Smeds, Emili Norén, Emma Molitor, Erik Aspengren, Felicia Wahlborn, Filip Mesko, Fredrik Widigs, Fredrika Wennström, Frida Stjernqvist, Foltyn Kristof, Gunilla Sundin, Gusten Eriksson, Hanna Granholm, Hanna Syrén, Hannes Eriksson, Hillevi Gebring, Jakob Persson, Jakob Wiklander, James Britton, Jan Langer, Jasmin Kok, Jenny Schinkler, Johan Alvfors, Johanna Nenander, Johannes Plym, Jonas Eriksson, Julia Hedander, Justus Vikstro?m, Kamila Borucka, Karen Lund, Klara Junvik, Lamija Perenda, Lana Karat, Lenka Batovska, Leo Kleine, Lovisa Roegind, Malin Ahlgren Bergman, Malin Valuskova, Mathias Valcescini, Michaela Stasna, Mika Blomqvist, Mikael Andersson, Mikaela Samuelsson, Moa Rydberg Dahlin, Nils Sandström, Oskar Kalme?r, Ragnar Eythorsson, Rasmus Siimes, Rasmus Westman, Sara Deurell, Sara Molteberg, Siri Edling Helmers, Sofia Skogeid, Sofie Andersson, Sofie Persson, Sophie Thorselius, Stella Reijo, Vicky Skondras, Viktor Zapata Ekemark

Ariel Garcia, Anders Wilhelmson, Anna Pang, Anneli Bäckman, Arne Hellström, Ayhan Aydin, Cenk Hasan Dereli, Cristina Monteiro, Daniel Johansson, David Knight, Diana Davids, Dubravka Sekulic, Döne Delibas, Elsa Smeds, Erik Stenberg, Erik Wingquist, Esther Anatolitis, Gabriela Varas Stancovich, Giulia Fiocca, Helen Runting, Hélène Frichot, Håkan Nilsson, Inga Düsing, Isabel Löfgren, Isak Berglund Mattsson-Morn, Joanna Sandell, Johanna Axelsson, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Karin Matz, Katrin Behdjou, Lorenzo Romito, Marcus Bader, Mattias Åkeson, Miriam Andersson Blecher, Nazem Tahvilzadeh, Nooshi Dadgostar, Per Wirtén, Peter Lang, Sauda Luzze, Teodor Celakoski, Tor Lindstrand, Viktoria Nguema