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Temporary National Theater

Temporary National Theater was a commissioned architectural proposal and set-design for The Royal Danish Theatre between 17 of October 2009 until 24 of April 2010

Our objective is not autonomy in relation to the organisation of the institution. We fully accept that our position is within the system. We work our way towards the middle to make visible and activate the potential of the institution to create alternatives. Everyone has the right to say both "yes" and "no".

Temporary National Theater (TNT) was an investigation into the nature and identity of "national" theatre organized by directors Anders Paulin, Mia Lipschitz and architect Tor Lindstrand for the Royal Danish Theatre. The main objective of TNT was to examine multiple potentials for a cultural arena; understood as a public space where citizens and institution meet to define collective ideas of ethics, identity and social imagination. The program was developed in co-operation with institutions and individuals from a diverse number of fields and disciplines. The more different perspectives, expertise, experiences and strategies that occupy a public space, the more impossible it gets for one identity to claim sovereignty as a dominant narrative. Thereby allowing for a temporary transformation of the national stage into a temporary house of the people.

Set design is commonly understood as a proposal for a specific play or performance. Pointing to an activity that underlines an expression or illustrates a story. It implies a hierarchy that promotes text over acting and acting over set. For the entire season of 2009-10 the concept for the Lille Scene is to use one set for numerous stagings, events and performances. This opens up for an opportunity to reconsider the relation between stage and set. An attempt to understand set rather as a set of tools and design not as aesthetics, but as becoming, as something yet to be invented. A space that facilitates for an on-going accumulative production of environment rather than representation of static imagery. The space is equipped as a kind of workshop/rehearsal space with moveable film-set walls, two different kinds of floors, paint, tables, chairs, a working kitchen, moveable lights, beamers, undefined objects and a green house for local produce of tomatoes, basil and blue berries. The ambition is to blur existing borders between architecture, environment and set design. All aspects of the proposal have been considered in relation to economy in order to transfer money from production of set to activities in space, thus enabling other groups and individulas to inhabit the National Theatre during the year.