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The Journey/The Institution, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, September 7-25

The Journey/The Institution

Workshop and presentation in collaboration with Karin Bergman, Emilie Gregersen, Amy Harris, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Naya Moll Olsen, Anders Paulin and Lydia Östberg from the Danish National School of Performing Arts, 7-25 September 2015

"To think in architecture, but never be an architect. To always dance, but never be a dancer"

An individual journey, focusing on a transition of the Production of Exhibition to the Production of Experience - A collective process of defining a structure to contain and negotiate these experiences.

The departure point of the Journey has been a replacement of the aesthetic intervention; no longer operating as something that we exhibit to an “audience”, what we normally would call “art”, the aesthetic figure here rather functions as a filter applied on the world in order for it to unfold and reveal parallel and hidden stories, patterns and meanings. To give up the idea of the artist as author and origin, to produce a breach that opens up to a universe of speculation and untold realities; an apparatus in which the artist is merely an administrator and messenger.

The Institution in this context is not a space that facilitates openness, flexibility and functionality. Rather it is a machine that through difficulty, enclosure and function enabling us to move through a different time and a different space. The heat and the air that we breathe, is what makes the institution possible and unbearable, simultaneously as structure and experience.