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The New Prairie School>

The New Prairie School

A performance by Economy. We were invited by Sara Gebran to do a presentation within the project Kinda Open SITE on the 9 December.

As decisions for the appearance of architecture, what it looks like, you know what we see when we look at a building on the street, are made according to economic limitations. Economy decided to retrograde to Frank Lloyd Wright and then back again, wherever that may be. The Prairie School pioneered a new architectural language, making up something where nothing previously existed, or rather refining something where only necessity existed. They offered an all-encompassing set of parameters through which to make decisions which were taken from nature, they called it organic architecture, even asking themselves such difficult questions such as; what would a woman wear in this house that I have designed?, and answering them.

Economy imagines a representation of architecture that denies itself the visual economy it needs to become a commodity. By removing the architecture from The Prairie School, we try to pounce on what remains and appropriate it for its own selfish needs. By turning our back on building with bricks and mortar, working through a tactics of hobbyism with paper, pens, plastic and dance. We mould the spirit and emotions of architecture without requiring planning approval. Horizontality is the spine of the prairie. The New Prairie School's horizontality is like a cross-section tipped on its side. It’s deep yet flat. It is thinner than rice paper, lighter than hair-spray and sounds like fresh snow.